Merril Hoge: Joe Flacco is the Best QB in the NFL. "Without a question." [Video]


Merril Hoge was on Sportscenter sometime in the last 24 hours and made this proclamation: Joe Flacco is the best QB in the NFL. Hoge, who suffered many concussions in the NFL and is prone to making ridiculous statements, appeared very serious in this video. Hoge listed Aaron Rodgers 2nd, Tom Brady 3rd, Ben Roethlisberger 4th, and Matt Ryan 5th. It is unclear what metrics Hoge was using in his “rankings.”

So because the Ravens’ defense made a 4th down stop on the 49ers at the 5-yard line, and Baltimore won the Super Bowl, Flacco is “better” than Drew Brees and Eli Manning. Oh, and Peyton Manning, too. Reminder: Joe Flacco completed 59 percent of his passes in 2012, which was 19th in the NFL. He was 26th in completion percentage in 2011.

The “are you fucking serious?” look on the face of the Spotscenter host – mouth agape – is comical.

I won’t even get into Hoge’s clueless, uninformed point about how Flacco – who did have an amazing 3-game postseason run – “doesn’t have guys like Aaron Rodgers does.” Ray Rice, Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin? Good luck finding many QBs with a better trio of options than that. [Video via Cork Gaines]