Melvin Gordon and the Chargers Just Blew a Game in the Most Embarrassing Way Possible

Ryan Phillips
Melvin Gordon Chargers
Melvin Gordon Chargers / Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Melvin Gordon may not want to watch film on Sunday's game. While trailing 23-20 to the Tennessee Titans, the Los Angeles Chargers had two shots at scoring a touchdown from inside the 1-yard line and couldn't get it done. Instead, they wound up even blowing their chance to tie the game with a field goal.

The Chargers took over on downs from the Titans on their own 49-yard line with 2:35 to go trailing by three. They had no timeouts and needed a field goal to force overtime or a touchdown to win. LA was able to drive the ball down to Tennessee's 16-yard line with 49 seconds left. On the next play, Philip Rivers hit Austin Ekeler over the middle and he was initially ruled to have scored. Replay showed he was down inside the 1-yard line.

On the next play, the Chargers were hit with a false start penalty, moving them back to the 5-yard line. A pass interference call in the end zone gave Rivers and co. a first-down on the 1-yard line again with 34 seconds left. And that's when the fun began.

On the first play, the Chargers handed the ball to Melvin Gordon and he smashed into the line. The run was initially ruled a touchdown, but replay showed Gordon's knee was down before he extended the ball over the goal line. The call was reversed. Thanks to the clock stopping due to the touchdown call, a 10-second run-off was ordered and the Chargers had second and goal at the 1-yard line with 22 seconds left. The clock would then start when the officials put the ball back into play.

The Chargers in this situation could have opted for a pass, so that if it was unsuccessful at least the clock would stop. Instead, the tried to run the ball again and Gordon was ruled down by contact short of the goal line, but the ball wound up with the Titans. Replay was used again and it showed that Gordon had fumbled short of the goal line and the Titans had recovered.

Check this out:

That's absolutely insane.

So to sum up: the Chargers had the ball at the 1-yard line with 34 seconds left and at the very least the chance to tie the game. After three plays they somehow wound up losing the game.

Only the Chargers could do that.