Mel Kiper Jr. Had a Great Hair Day When He Was Ripped by Colts GM Bill Tobin on ESPN

Young Mel Kiper
Young Mel Kiper /

Mel Kiper Jr. has become so engrained in the NFL draft world that his analysis has become synonymous with the event for those of a certain age. He's been mock drafting and breaking down picks on ESPN since 1984.

Today, April 24, is a notable day in Kiper's career because it marks the anniversary of an experience he is unlikely to forget. In 1994, the Indianapolis Colts had two picks in the top-10 of the draft. They passed on the top QB prospects of the year, Heath Shuler and Trent Dilfer. Kiper simply could not believe it and said that decision was why the Colts were always picking second instead of competing for championships.

The Indy GM at the time, Bill Tobin, did not take kindly to that sort of criticism. In an interview with Chris Mortenson, Tobin started off by saying "Who the hell is Mel Kiper?" before slamming the draft analyst and said he had as much credibility as Tobin's neighbor, who was a postman.

Several amusing angles to this. One, the quarterback Kiper wanted the Colts to replace so much was none other than Jim Harbaugh. Two, the Colts passed on picking potential franchise QB Heath Shuler because they took Marshall Faulk instead. Faulk would have his best years in St. Louis as the centerpiece of the Greatest Show on Turf, but on the other hand, Shuler played four seasons in the NFL and won all of eight games total so the Colts probably made the right call there.

But really the key element of the above clip is Kiper's hair. What a look. The flow is outstanding. If you're going to get slammed and compared to a milkman on ESPN, you may as well look like that.

Tobin was replaced three years later by Bill Polian. Kiper is still out there doing his thing. And we can all remember this event fondly.