Max Scherzer Thanks the Tigers and Their Fans in a Full-Page Ad in Today's Newspaper

By Rob Perez

Former Detroit Tigers Pitcher Max Scherzer formally said good-bye to the franchise and their fans today, in a full-page advertisement in the Detroit Free Press — and with an ad on the home page of

Scherzer had the two best years of career with the Tigers (2013, 2014) and was awarded the American League Cy Young Award in 2013. Since being traded to Detroit in 2009, Scherzer posted some eye-popping statistics — including…

  • 3.54 ERA
  • 161 Games Started
  • ~1011 Total Innings Pitched
  • 0.700 Winning Percentage
  • and an unfathomable 9.6 Strikeout Average per 9 innings pitched.

Other than a couple of shaky postseason stats, no-one can really question Scherzer’s overall performance as Tiger. However, i’m going to call “BS” on this newspaper ad. Scherzer’s departure from Detroit would be A LOT different if he was traded/waived/cut/something that wasn’t on his own free-will. He left as a free agent because he was offered an amount of money, by the Washington Nationals, that could pull a struggling third-world country out of bankruptcy.

If you loved “donning the Old English D” so much, why leave? It appears you like yachts a tad more.

I don’t mind a player bolting a good situation for more cash, it’s good business & it’s ultimately the choice you’ve earned as a dominant player. Just don’t give me or Tigers fans this sob story about how grateful you are to have played for the franchise, how “we accomplished great things together”, blah blah blah — because the team didn’t accomplish shit, unless AL Central Division Banners are worshiped like World Series rings in Detroit.

This ultimately just makes the break up worse. After a long relationship with a girl, you don’t send them a text saying: “Hey Babe, just wanted to thank you for a great five years! We did some great things together, and I’m proud to say I dated you!” only days after you are Facebook official with a hotter chick, who has twice as much money as the previous one.

Same theory applies here.

Does us a favor, Max, next time you’re a free agent: just delete your number from her phone, and sneak out of bed before she wakes up.