Max Scherzer, Sergio Romo Melt Down During Foreign Substance Inspections

Ryan Phillips
Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies
Washington Nationals v Philadelphia Phillies / Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Major League Baseball begun inspecting pitchers for applying foreign substances to balls on Monday, by Tuesday the process had already gotten old. Both Max Scherzer and Sergio Romo had meltdowns when umpires went out to check them.

Scherzer was inspected after the first inning and was clearly irritated by the entire thing:

He was checked again at the end of the third inning:

Then, with one out and two on in the fourth inning, Phillies manager Joe Girardi asked for an inspection and Scherzer went ballistic:

Here's another angle:

After the inning, Scherzer stared Girardi down and things almost got ugly:

Sergio Romo went even further. After finishing an inning against the Rangers, the A's reliever dropped his pants during an inspection:

This probably isn't the last time we'll see an MLB pitcher freak out over being inspected. They're all going to find this process annoying and being checked out on the field has to be a pain.

Maybe the league should have a specialist checking these guys in the dugout as they come off the field. Either way, the current system probably isn't tenable long-term.