Max Scherzer Just Lit MLB Owners on Fire in Twitter Rant

Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals faces the Houston Astros
Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals faces the Houston Astros / Mark Brown/Getty Images

Max Scherzer is done with Major League Baseball's owners crying poverty and demanding steep compensation decreases for players. On Wednesday night, the three-time Cy Young Award winner ripped MLB's owners on Twitter and claimed there was "no reason to engage with MLB in any further compensation reductions."

Here's his Tweet:

The Washington Nationals ace make the argument that players have already agreed to pay reductions in the form of prorated salaries. That deal was done in March. Now the owners want to slash salaries dramatically. Additionally, he seems to believe MLB's claims of financial distress are overblown and wants the league to prove it by making that information public.

Scherzer is a member of the MLB Players Association's executive sub-committee, making him one of the union's highest-ranking members. In two calls on Wednesday, the players were reportedly unified in their approach and rejection of the owners' proposal of steep salary reductions.

In case you missed it, the owners offered a proposal on Tuesday that would wind up paying some players as little as 20 percent of their yearly salaries to play 82 games. The biggest stars would be impacted the most:

Those numbers are laughable. While owners are likely to lose money on a 2020 season, they've also made record profits over the past decade. They've been absolutely raking in cash. For example, the Miami Marlins ranked last in revenue in 2019 and still made $222 million. Frankly, the owners can likely afford to take a hit for half a season in order to keep the sport healthy.

Scherzer is right, if the owners are truly in dire financial straits, they should have no problem proving it. Until they do, there's no reason to believe they badly need players to take a massive pay cut.