A Note From the Editor on a Recent Max Muncy Post

Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

Three days ago, The Big Lead published an op-ed proclaiming that Max Muncy of the Los Angeles Dodgers had completely fallen apart. In the time since he has been to the plate nine times and hit four home runs and drove in 11 runs. He is now second in the National League with five round-trippers and tied for first with 14 RBIs. We are carefully monitoring the situation. For two reasons.

One, it is important that we be accountable for our takes. Two, each and every bomb is an opportunity to bring up the post in our internal Slack and have a laugh about the helplessness that comes with publishing something about someone who is underachieving only to have them turn into someone from a Matt Christoper chapter book overnight and make it age like spoiled milk.

Now, to be fair to Ryan Phillips, three games is a small sample size and if Muncy is to continue this pace he'd be the owner of the greatest offensive season in baseball history. The Dodgers' infielder is coming off a very underwhelming 2022 campaign and it is not yet mid-April.

So we may have to wear this one. As someone who has published some regrettable claims myself (like spending many months telling everyone Herm Edwards would not work at Arizona State only to see him beat my Michigan State Spartans not once, but twice), I empathize.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, though. This presents a tremendous opportunity for The Big Lead. We are currently in the early stages of putting together a program where you can write in about your favorite player who is struggling so we can write about it and then have them immediately turn it around. It's part public service, part naked cash grab.

Max Muncy is on fire. All credit to him. We'll try to keep our batting average in the takes department as high as his at the dish going forward.