Max Kellerman Just Compared Donovan Mitchell-Jamal Murray Rivalry to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson

Donovan Mitchell, Jamal Murray
Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray, Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets - Game Two | Pool/Getty Images

Max Kellerman just uttered what might be the worst NBA take I've ever heard. On Wednesday's First Take, Kellerman claimed the Donovan Mitchell-Jamal Murray feud could become the next Magic Johnson-Larry Bird rivalry. That's just a stunningly terrible opinion.

Here, watch it for yourself:

Magic and Bird were the two best players in the NBA during their era. Murray and Mitchell are really good, but they're not even top 10 guys right now. Regardless of that, for it to even come close to a Magic/Bird scenario, they would have to face off in championship-level situations. That's never going to happen for Murray on the Denver Nuggets, or Mitchell with the Utah Jazz. Neither franchise will become a perennial contender.

For this to become an all-time great rivalry, they would need to face off in games that actually matter and casual fans would have to know who they are. LeBron James vs. Kawhi Leonard, mentioned by Kellerman, is a far more relevant rivalry nationally. As is Russell Westbrook vs. Kevin Durant, or Draymond Green vs. Everyone.

This is a Skip Bayless-level bad take.