Luka Doncic Swore A Lot Last Night Despite a Huge Victory


The Dallas Mavericks absolutely destroyed the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night, 147-97. Luka Doncic had a triple-double by halftime and finished with 40 points which is probably why Utah's Kris Dunn was so frustrated he put a finger in his face, setting off an amusing series of events that included double-technical fouls and some amusing comments from the Mavericks star.

When the game was finally over Doncic caught up with Jeff "Skin" Wade of Bally Sports Southwest to talk about how tired he is now that he's a father. He then proved he wasn't completely there by saying "we can't just f-ck around." And then immediately realized he said f-ck and said, "oh shit."

Luckily, no one seemed mad because who can get mad at a young father who just had a 40-point triple-double? Most people in Luka's situation are debating whether they should take a quick nap or watch 20 minutes of Suits before the baby wakes up again.