Matt Williams: Nationals Manager's Car Smashed Into During Live Radio Interview


Matt Williams, the first-year manager of the Washington Nationals, was in the midst of a typical morning drive-time radio interview with the Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan. Ho-hum, right? About eight minutes into the interview Williams abruptly announces, “sorry guys, just had an accident.” Turns out another driver smashed — or in Williams’ words “smoked” —  into the back of his Chevy Tahoe and drove off into another string of cars.

Williams then goes on to describe the ensuing police chase that followed and called it, “the strangest thing I’ve ever been a part of.” We wondered if he needed to call the police as a witness and or his insurance company.

Here’s a partial transcript from CBS, which provided the audio.

— “Alright, hold on,” EB said. “Did you witness the accident, or you’re in the accident?”
— “He just ran right in the back of me,” Williams said.
— “Oh, you got rear-ended?” JP asked.
— “I just got rear-ended by a guy in a car,” Williams said. “Hold on. This guy’s crashing into people.”
— “Oh no,” EB said.
— “Yea,” Williams confirmed.
— “Are you okay?” EB asked.
— “I’m good,” Williams said. “There was a police car behind me, and a guy in a car and he tried to get by me and he just smoked me.”
— “Where are you driving right now?” Cakes asked.
— “I’m almost to the ballpark,” Williams said.
— “And did he get out of his car and start running?” Lurch asked.
— ‘Yea, he tried to get out of his car, and then he got around me, and then they’re continuing to chase him,” Williams said.

Maybe the best part of the whole thing is Williams actually wraps up the exchange asking, “So what about baseball” and then continues to answer questions if Anthony Rendon should replace Denard Span at the top of the Nationals order.

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