Matt Scott Vomits Twice, Then Throws Touchdown Pass For Bengals

By Jason McIntyre

Matt Scott, an undrafted QB from the Arizona Wildcats, is trying to make the Cincinnati Bengals this preseason, and if getting your name out there is half the battle, well, mission accomplished.

Scott vomited twice on the same drive, and then tossed a 12-yard TD pass in the final minute of a 41-39 loss to the Chiefs. The two biggest takeaways from this game: Kansas City may have found a new return man in blazing fast De’Anthony Thomas from Oregon:

And Matt Scott loves to vomit on the football field. Who can forget these memorable hurls against Utah?

Anytime I yack, I can guarantee that within 10-15 seconds (tops) I’m using mouthwash and brushing my teeth. Matt Scott – who went undrafted in 2013 and spent the season on Jacksonville’s practice squad – went in the huddle, talked to his team, and then made plays. Gamer.

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