Matt Rhule's Bill Belichick Story is Tremendous

Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

Bill Belichick will spend the 2024 football season unemployed for the first time since 1975. The former New England Patriots head coach interviewed for at least one position this offseason but all seven of the teams who needed a new head coach decided to go in different directions. It is surely odd for Belichick and will definitely be odd for us fans who have grown accustomed to his grumpy mug gracing our screens a handful of times every fall.

What will Belichick do if he doesn't have a team to run? There are some early indications that he might get involved in the sports media game, but that will be a slow process because the fit has to be just right. Otherwise he was last seen in Washington at the Huskies' facilities, presumably in support of his son, Steve, who was named the school's defensive coordinator earlier this year. On Monday, we got word of another sighting thanks to one Matt Rhule.

Rhule, heading into his third season as head coach of Nebraska after a failed stint with the Carolina Panthers, told media last week that he recently invited Belichick to speak at the Huskers' coaches clinic. Belichick apparently spoke in front of the coaching staff for over four hours and "embarrassed" Rhule with how much football knowledge he was unloading. The clip is a few days old but is only now making the rounds.

Underrated storyteller, Matt Rhule. I wasn't quite enraptured but I was way more engaged than anticipated when I clicked play.

This seems very much like Belichick and probably what he wants to do if he isn't coaching. He wants to talk about coaching. For many, many hours. As long as you'll have him, really. And with all his newfound free time Belichick could transform himself into some kind of football guru, wandering from campus to campus and giving six hour lectures on the three-technique. What a mental image that is.

Anyway, this is yet another reminder that unless Peyton Manning can pull off the impossible Belichick's football expertise will remain behind closed doors and we have to rely on stories like this to hear about it. Because the coach himself isn't going to do much to get the word out.