Matt Rhule Quick to Blame Everyone Else For Disastrous Panthers Tenure

Matt Rhule
Matt Rhule / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

It took less than two months for Matt Rhule to find a new job after he was fired by the Carolina Panthers. Which isn't that surprising. Everyone expected Rhule to be in the running for pretty much every open college football head coaching position because he was so good at the amateur level before he decided to go pro. Where things did not go as well, to say the least. So, Rhule quickly scampered back to more familiar pastures and accepted the Nebraska job last week.

Now that the head coach has solid employment, it seems he's ready to talk more openly about what went wrong with the Panthers. There's a lot to break down in that regard, seeing as Rhule went 11-27 in two and a half years with Carolina. However, early returns suggest Rhule is more interested in spreading blame than taking it.

Speaking to Peter Schrager for an episode of The Season, Rhule managed to blame the Panthers for not succeeding in the NFL while also taking credit for what went right after he was fired in a 30-second clip.

Rhule can be complimented for his efficiency here because it is not a very long clip and yet he checks a lot of boxes. He blamed David Tepper (without naming names) for firing him after two years when he initially said it was a four-year plan. Rhule didn't think he "fit" in the culture of the Panthers, which is a weird thing to say right before taking credit for the fact that Steve Wilks has won three games since taking over as interim head coach.

Rhule also went on the Rich Eisen Show yesterday and said Carolina didn't pick a QB in the draft because he wasn't responsible for making the picks. Two straight interviews shoving blame onto the people around him. That indicates all this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Rhule is doing a lot of legwork to make it sound like he did his darnedest but was hampered by the environment around him. Which is probably true to some extent. But he certainly did not help himself, what with insisting on running the ball because his college teams did great when they totaled over 150 yards rushing or his strange "Way Of The Panther" manifesto.

Can't wait to see how Rhule dishes off the blame next.