Could This Be Matt Patricia's Burner Twitter Account?

This is Eddy P. He is a Detroit Lions fan. He loves Coach Patricia.
This is Eddy P. He is a Detroit Lions fan. He loves Coach Patricia. /

The Detroit Lions parted ways with head coach Matt Patricia over the weekend. Many people were happy that Patricia was finally fired. One person who was not was Twitter user @EddyPLionsFan. Eddy P is a staunch supporter of Coach Patricia. In fact, Patricia is really all he seems to care about. It is actually kind of curious, as another user pointed out.

UPDATE: It's a fake.

Looking at Eddy P's account, the person behind it makes a compelling case. He did not tweet once during during any of the games which Patrica coached this season, which is odd for such a passionate fan. The tweets were all on September 3rd and 4th and then tonight, two days after Patricia was let go.

Every tweet is a reply to another tweet about the Detroit Lions, with most of them specifically about Patricia.

Twenty-one of Eddy P's 30 tweets feature the words "Coach Patricia."

Matt Patricia's middle name is Edward.

Eddy P's bio says he is a "dad of 3." Matt Patricia has three children.

His bio says "tech nerd." Patricia graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

If he really a big Lions fan, surely he would have found time to tweet about the Lions during the Lions' season. Instead, he waited until after Patricia got fired to jump back online and tweet things that sound an awful lot like first hand accounts.

How would some random guy know that Matthew Stafford is uncoachable? This sounds a lot like someone with firsthand knowledge, like Patricia or someone close to him.

Eddy P follows 77 people. They almost all have to do with the NFL. Most specifically, the Detroit Lions with a few of the higher-profile current and former New England Patriots, as well as Elon Musk, Tesla and Barstool Sports. Patricia has Barstool connections.

Eddy P's follows.
Eddy P's follows. /

Eddy also has some deep, insightful thoughts about Kaley Cuoco:

Since Patricia got fired, Eddy has been firing back at fans who criticized his beloved "coach":

So if this really is some random Detroit Lions fan named Eddy P, that's great. His interest in the one specific head coach who did not have much success before or after he created his account is a bit odd, but to each his own.