Look What Matt Nagy Made Dan Orlovsky Do

Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Matt Nagy kept his job through the offseason, much to the dismay of frustrated Chicago Bears fans who watched him preside over an ineffective and painful offensive system. The franchise identified its future in Justin Fields during the draft, yet still gave the reins to the milquetoast Andy Dalton. Shockingly, this did not assuage any discontent locally and confused nationally. Neither quarterback has played well early on and things look bleaker than they did a month ago both presently and for the future. The Bears are in football purgatory and everyone's affecting that Not Great, Bob vibe.

Just how not great are things? The Bears managed to draw a righteous fire out of Dan Orlovsky, a man so calm and kind that he'd apologize for your tree falling on his house. He went on Get Up this morning and said the organization needs to fire Nagy for gross incompetence in the game-planning department.

Speaking directly to Nagy, Orlovsky finished strongly: "Yesterday you showed us that you are either incapable of designing the proper gameplan around a dynamic quarterback or you showed us that it was intentional. That you wanted him to fail and you set him up to be a disaster."

If the latter is what went down, that's a pretty significant scandal. Fields and the attack were both abysmal and it resulted in an embarrassment against the Browns. In short they either stunk on accident or on purpose. Neither are great options there.

Has to be a terrible feeling to lose a football game and then have someone in stylish glasses take you apart systematically on national television. Warranted here, though.