Matt Harvey Wore a Gaze of Infinite Sadness in the Dugout Monday

By Mike Cardillo

Poor Matt Harvey. Poor Mets fans. Poor everybody.

That seems to be the universal feeling after news broke Monday the second-year phenom has a partially torn UCL in his elbow. Harvey put on a brave face Monday, saying he wants to try to avoid surgery which would cost him his 2014 season. Realistically, it’s probably only be a matter of time before Harvey goes under the knife to repair the tear.

What makes the whole situation so depressing is the Mets didn’t exactly overwork Harvey, throwing him 178 innings in 2013. They’d planned to limit his workload in September. Even if it was only his first-full season in the bigs, Harvey felt different than your typically fragile golden arm. He was a bulldog on the mound, averaging over 96 mph on his fastball and then out of nowhere – poof – it’s over and put on hold. Fangraphs went looking for red flags pointing toward an injury for Harvey and came up empty.

Earlier this summer, Harvey talked fashion, and had this to say: “My eyes are probably what I get the most compliments on. Definitely the lighter the shirt I am wearing, the more my eyes pop.”

The blue hoodie Harvey wore in the dugout Monday certainly didn’t make his eyes “pop.” Instead they told the story of a man who seemed thoroughly depressed or just found out his dog died.

At least John Buck was there to console him, if briefly. Harvey also still might have that swimsuit model girlfriend, too.

Maybe “Sad Matt Harvey” will become the next meme all the kids will be talking about. [GIF via Cut4]

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