Matt Harvey on Matt Harvey: "The lighter the shirt I am wearing, the more my eyes pop."

By Tim Ryan

Matt Harvey, the Mets rookie sensation who dates an SI Swimsuit model, enjoys having his picture taken and doesn’t shy away from discussing the sensation his eyes cause when women see him on the street. The National League leader in strikeouts recently did a photoshoot with the New York Post and each ridiculous still was matched with an equally awesome quote. Let’s get to the winning highlights.

“I’m a baseball player, I’m not a male model. I don’t want to be known as the naked baseball player who always takes his shirt off. I love high-end fashion, but at the same time, I don’t want to be the high-end naked fashion model.”

Going out of your way to say you’re not a model and doing so while conducting an interview in a $6,000 Tom Ford bathrobe, as the Post noted, is not only bold, but worthy of a spirited celebration.

“[Acting] is something that has been interesting to me. I wouldn’t do the modeling stuff, but definitely movies. Even now, I’m not really afraid of a camera.”

We are barely four months into Matt Harvey’s first full season and he has already brought up an interest in acting. Mets fans would be wise to fasten their seat belts right nowperhaps roller coaster style — if there weren’t fastened already. Breathe in, breathe out, right-ah circle, left-ah circle.

And now, for the money quote:

“My eyes are probably what I get the most compliments on. Definitely the lighter the shirt I am wearing, the more my eyes pop.”

Just tremendous. We are exactly 11 minutes away from Matt Harvey signing a multi-year reality deal with Bravo.

[Photos via NY Post, Jimmy Traina]