Matt Harvey is Obsessed with Cheese, Quinoa and Brunch


Matt Harvey won’t throw a pitch for the New York Mets in 2014. The talented young righty will spend the season in rehab-mode following off-season Tommy John surgery to repair his torn UCL. Although he’s not playing in the Majors, Harvey remains busy. Last weeek he found a way to make headlines in the dumbest way possible: posting a picture of himself flashing the middle finger to celebrate the six-month anniversary of his surgery. The picture, taken by his mother of all people, caused a typical New York media firestorm. Harvey didn’t apologize but decided to delete his Twitter account citing it not being fun anymore. (Insert sad emoji face.)

Don’t worry, Harvey continues to find ways to boost his Q-rating and keep his name percolating in the Manhattan media bubble, positioning himself to be the most recognizable baseball player in New York as soon as Derek Jeter retires at the conclusion of the 2014 season — something he touched upon last year. Whether it’s conveniently appearing courtside at Knicks game with a model on his arm or posing nude in ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue, Harvey appears obsessed with the camera and keeping his name in the Gossip Pages.

More power to him, right?

Sunday Harvey was featured in the New York Times, detailing what he does a typical day while rehabbing his elbow. If HBO ever plans to create a spinoff from Girls, but with guys, Harvey’s life in the Apple sounds like it could be the blueprint. Or better yet, to stick with the premium cable comparisons, it’s like an East Coast Entourage.

These are a couple lines from the story that caught my eye:

  • “So if I can get in a good brunch and pick up a great suit for an upcoming road trip, I’ll do it.”
  • “I got into spin classes quite a bit in the off season. It’s a great way to get in a workout while listening to loud music. That’s a nice little sweat on a Sunday. I like doing yoga and Pilates.”
  • “Last thing we cooked was Cajun-rubbed salmon with lobster tails and quinoa. Cheese is my favorite food of all time. I spend more on cheese at Whole Foods than all my other groceries combined. It’s a disgusting habit.”
  • “When I get home, I’ll throw some music on, hang out. I’m an old-school rap fan, so I’ll sing along to that stuff. Literally if it’s a good tune, it’ll be on.”

Both Harvey and I Connecticut natives, so these revelations are almost impossible to comprehend … or the exact opposite. The kale lobby is probably bummed Harvey didn’t mention their product, right?

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