Matt Harvey, 0-3 in Spring Training, Went to a Yacht Club With Adriana Lima


Matt Harvey is making headlines again. Unsurprisingly, they have nothing to do with baseball. While serious baseball player Tim Tebow started in right field and went 2-for-3 at the plate, Harvey was busy getting shelled in his final Spring Training start. Harvey surrendered 4 runs (2 earned) and 5 hits in 3.1 innings. He took the loss for the third time in 3 outings this Spring.

What did Harvey do after his latest poor outing with opening day less than three weeks away? He went to dinner at a yacht club with Adriana Lima.

How did the couple get to the yacht club? On a small yacht named “Arme de L’amour.”

What does Arme de L’amour mean? It’s French for “Weapon of Love.”

Was there caressing and kissing? Yes.

Did they have ceviche-of-the-day and branzino for dinner? Reportedly!

Did they share some kind of cigarette? Apparently!

Does each successive story I found about Harvey this morning make it sound like his fastball is worse and worse? Yes. First CBS New York said his fastball had dropped from 95 or 96 mph to 92 or 92 mph. Then Page Six said he was throwing “nearly ten mph slower than his usual 100 mph.” Then Page Six said he was “well below his usual 97 mph fastball.” The New York Times mentioned all of those numbers.

Do we have any idea how fast Matt Harvey used to throw a baseball? No.

No matter how fast he used to be, he’s slower now though, right? Yes.

Does Matt Harvey care? You be the judge.