Matt Damon Roots For Tom Brady, Not the Patriots

Matt Damon
Matt Damon / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Most reasonable New England sports fans hold nothing against Tom Brady. Quite the opposite, in fact. Him leaving the Patriots was not met with the same vitriol that, say, LeBron James leaving Cleveland for the first time was. Brady gave two decades of unprecedented success and six championships to the region before deciding it was time for a change and few begrudge him for that. He is still a god in the greater Boston area and that will never change.

However, again very similar to the LeBron situation, there are many who identify as fans of Tom Brady rather than fans of the Patriots. Which is fine. Nobody should get worked up over other people's fandom. It's not that deep.

Unless that person is Matt Damon, another son of Boston. In which case, feathers will be ruffled. I will admit mine are right now after Damon went on the Dan Patrick Show to proclaim his allegiance to the man over the team and even went so far to say he'd root for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Brady over the Patriots if they met in the Super Bowl.

I guess I get it. Because he is Matt Damon he probably has a personal relationship with Brady that few other fans do. And, like I said before, nobody should really care about who other people root for.

But still, man! It's Matt Damon! He's been at the center of every iconic Boston movie made this century (other than The Town)! He basically is Boston in the pop culture sphere, and he's out here willingly abandoning his hometown team to root for the defending Super Bowl champs.

We certainly now know who Damon is rooting for in Week 4, when Brady will make his return to Gillette Stadium to face the Pats for the first time since he left.