Mass Shooting during Madden Video Game Tournament In Jacksonville


A mass shooting took place at the Jacksonville Landing, a downtown marketplace, on Sunday during a “Madden 19” video game tournament, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter.

The police announced on Twitter the shooting included “multiple fatalities at the scene, many transported.” The police announced one suspect was dead on the scene, and said they were conducting searches to find a second suspect, if one was involved.

One of the competitors told the Los Angeles Times that the shooter was a gamer in the tournament that had lost. The shooter shot at least five victims before killing himself.

The police warned Jacksonville natives, media included, to stay away from the area of the shooting. They urged those hiding in The Landing facility to await the arrival of SWAT teams, which were doing thorough sweeps of the location.

The tournament was live on a streaming website, Twitch, and a disturbing video surfaced with audio of several loud gunshots and screams. Gameplay immediately stopped.

One of the tournament’s teams, compLexity Gaming, confirmed the shooting and said one of its players, Drini Gjoka, was grazed in the hand. He is safe.