Marvin Lewis Illegal Challenge Yields Win for the Bengals

Ryan Glasspiegel

Marvin Lewis attempted a challenge within two minutes, which is not allowed, and it ended up saving the game for the Bengals. Josh McCown had just hit Louis Murphy for a 21-yard play, getting the Buccaneers to Cincy’s 20. Lewis threw the challenge flag and the Bengals were charged a timeout, but it stopped the clock and triggered a booth review where it was determined that Tampa Bay had too many men on the field.

The Bucs were pushed out of relatively easy field goal range, and the Bengals went on to finish out their 14-13 win. In the end, I guess justice prevailed — the play should’ve been subject to automatic review and the refs should’ve known to do that without prompting from Lewis — but one wonders whether or not Lewis knew the rules.

If you’ll recall, a similar situation two Thanksgivings ago cost Jim Schwartz and the Lions the ability to have a play reviewed, but the rule was changed during last offseason.