Marshawn Lynch Kept Saying "Yeah" During This Epic Interview

By Jason McIntyre

Marshawn Lynch hates the media and dislikes having to answer questions from the media, and his general disdain for ink-stained wretches is quite humorous. He doesn’t seem fazed by large fines from the No Fun League.

The result is gems like this: After Seattle beat Arizona 19-3, Marshawn Lynch was peppered with questions from the media – some silly, some germane to the important win – but basically all he said was “yeah” repeatedly for about three minutes.

Here’s what I don’t get: The media knows he hates them. They know he’s not going to say anything. There are at least a dozen other players who were relevant in the victory that could answer questions. Why do they insist on wasting time with Lynch? Perhaps they enjoy it? Maybe they know that nothing could make a decent story?

Nevertheless, Thank you, Seattle media.

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