Marshawn Lynch Continues to Get Branding Mileage Out of Media Fatigue

Ryan Glasspiegel

Whether or not this was the intended consequence, rebuffing the media’s advances over the past couple of years has made Marshawn Lynch particularly marketable. This past January, while he was giving repeated stock answers (“I’m just here so I won’t get fined,” etc.) before the Super Bowl, he did a mock presser for Skittles.

And now he’s done a spot for a Seattle-area pest control service. This was probably more for fun than a huge payday, but the cumulative effect of all the exposure, and the opportunities that have come with it, must outweigh his NFL fines at this point. Again, this probably wasn’t the plan all along, but if it was Lynch’s deliberate idea to brand himself as the Anti Media Guy and this is the end-game you’ve got to applaud the exquisite performance artistry.