Marreese Speights Still Salty About 2016 Finals, Trolls LeBron James on Twitter

LeBron dunking on Speights in game 5 of the '16 Finals.
LeBron dunking on Speights in game 5 of the '16 Finals. / Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Marreese Speights posted an image on Twitter on Tuesday night created by someone who watermarked it "@bronsux." The meme in question features side by side pictures of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan and says "Back then, we used to celebrate threepeats now kids are out there celebrating four titles in ten tries and call it greatness." Speights added "Just the messenger...."

(Update: His tweets have since been made private and added some... clarification?)

Now, unless this is a shot at George R.R. Martin, this is pretty clearly directed at LeBron James. Speights deserves credit for punching up, but this is incredibly stupid. Winning any NBA title is an incredibly accomplishment even if it happened before the modern NBA existed.

What is this even supposed to mean? Should Speights not care about the championship ring he earned on the 2014-2015 Golden State Warriors? Does he think that Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson aren't great because they never threepeated? Speights, who played for six franchises in his 10 year NBA career, was lucky enough to be on one of the greatest teams of all-time, the '15-'16 Warriors and they blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals to LeBron James.

I guess when you've been on a team that was embarrassed like that, you might hold a grudge. During the series, Speights said he lost respect for LeBron. It's the only reason a guy who played in the league would post some stupid message board meme attempting to slight LeBron. You would expect this from a random guy on Twitter, not a guy who entered the league five years after LeBron and played his last game five years before LeBron might start thinking about retirement.

This is the battle LeBron stans are up against. Even the guys who were there and saw it in person are jumping on Twitter to denigrate a potential GOAT hours after another title. Unless Speights was talking about George R.R. Martin, in which case, he has a point. That dude hasn't really accomplished anything.