In Defense of Marquis Nowell's Poor Stephen Curry Imitation

Such hubris.
Marquis Nowell
Marquis Nowell /

Marquis Nowell was a March Madness sensation and is now trying to take his game to the next level by playing for the Toronto Raptors in Summer League action. Nowell has his work cut out for him as a 5-foot-7 point guard, to say the least. Through three games he's done alright, averaging 10 points and five assists, but his stint in Las Vegas this year will be most remembered for the lowlight that came against the Detroit Pistons.

Nowell jacked up a three and turned around to run back when it was halfway to the basket, presumably because he was so confident that it would splash through the bottom of the net. Like a certain Golden State Warriors superstar is fond of doing. Instead of hitting nothing but net, though, the ball hit nothing but backboard.

Now the former Kansas State guard is getting clowned left and right. However, I pen this piece in defense of Nowell. I contend that he actually passed the ball here. He intended to hit the backboard like that and have it go right to his teammate below the basket. Just like he drew it up in his head as he approached the three-point line.

Don't believe me? Take into account that one of Nowell's many talents is his excellent court vision. He had 19 assists in a NCAA Tournament game. He's been doing stuff like this in Vegas every game. It is not out of the question that Nowell could've seen the angle and made his shot a pass instead.

Nowell also walks back up the court after the foul nodding like it was his plan all along. I am inclined to believe him, other evidence be damned!

In conclusion, stop making fun of Marquis Nowell because it all went according to plan. No further questions.