Marlins Man Reveals Connection to 100-Year-Old Baseball Scandal


Number one baseball fan and orange enthusiast Marlins Man is PR savvy. He knows how to operate under the intense light of the public eye. Even better, he knows that even the slightest hint of controversy needs to be met proactively.

As such, he has admitted his loose connection to the Black Sox Scandal.

That’s right. One hundred years ago, eight Chicago White Sox players conspired with gamblers to throw the World Series. One of the racketeers involved was Arnold Rothstein. His sister married a restauranteur. His niece gave birth to Marlins Man.

Put away all those strings and pushpins. This case has been cracked. Blown wide-open by a person loosely involved.

Smart move by Marlins Man to get out ahead of this and take all the steam out of the upcoming exposé.