Mark Titus Leaving The Ringer, What's Next?

Mark Titus
Mark Titus /

Mark Titus announced his exit from The Ringer on Friday as the founder of "Club Trillion" will be departing after three years at Bill Simmons' platform.

A former walk-on at Ohio State, Titus became a popular blogger during the 2008-09 season for his site "Club Trillion." That led to an appearance on Simmons' "BS Report" and eventually a book deal about his time in college. Titus worked at Grantland under Simmons before eventually following him to The Ringer.

Titus and Tate Frazier had hosted the popular "One Shining Podcast" on The Ringer since November 2017, but Frazier left the site earlier this year.

Frazier posted a tribute to Titus on Friday:

There's no word on where Titus is headed next, but from the outside the Big Ten Network would be a great landing spot. If we were advising them, we'd suggest they capitalize on his availability.