Mark Titus Trolls Jon Rothstein Over Brad Stevens, Indiana Speculation

Jon Rothstein
Jon Rothstein /

Since Archie Miller was fired on Monday, CBS Sports college basketball insider Jon Rothstein has lightly derided the program. In repeated tweets he's essentially tried to say no good coach would want the job. Fox Sports' Mark Titus, an Indiana native, seemed fed up with it and trolled Rothstein in a wonderful back and forth on Tuesday.

Rothstein posted this tweet earlier in the day:

This of course leaves out a ton of details about the Indiana job. But that's for another article.

Later on Tuesday, Brad Stevens gave an interview where he said he wasn't quitting the Boston Celtics to go to Indiana and Rothstein posted the following tweet:

Frankly, the idea that any coach in a good situation wouldn't leave their job for Indiana is silly. The IU gig has resources and built-in advantages few jobs can match. It may not be a top five posting anymore, but it's elite and the right coach could turn things around quickly given the facilities, loaded in-state recruiting grounds and support from donors and fans.

Titus has led the charge pushing for Stevens to wind up at Indiana and responded with a brilliant troll, throwing Rothstein's own annoyingly repeated catchphrase back in his face:

Rothstein answered with a really dumb retort that wasn't even really a comeback:

And Titus trolled again, mimicking Rothstein's habit of posting random quotes:

I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Rothstein's schtick of constantly repeating things like "This. Is. March." or "College basketball. Where the unexpected becomes the ordinary," etc. is pretty lazy. I get it, he's carved out his niche, sells merch with his catchphrases and does his thing. But when you lean so heavily on that stuff you open yourself to mockery.

Titus did it as well as anyone thus far.