Marcus Spears Compares Ryan Fitzpatrick to High School Girlfriend in 'Get Up' Rant

Ryan Fitzpatrick
Ryan Fitzpatrick / Harry How/Getty Images

The Washington Football Team now has a new quarterback in the form of journeyman and cult hero Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick, also known as Fitzmagic or Fitztragic depending on the day, has spent the last few seasons enjoying the sun in South Beach with the Dolphins. The weather might be a bit (okay, a lot) worse in the DMV, but I'm sure the $10 million he'll be receiving to make the move makes that particular aspect easier to deal with.

Fitzpatrick will also have the chance to start for a team that won its division last season. That, admittedly, is less impressive when the division in question was the NFC East and the Football Team won only six football games in that effort. Nevertheless! They gave the eventual champion Buccaneers all they could handle in the Wild Card round, and Terry McLaurin at wideout paired with a dominant defensive line makes for a good team with Fitzpatrick's general competency leading the way, even if consistency has been difficult to find throughout his career.

Mike Greenberg is extremely high on this signing and believes Fitzpatrick makes the WFT the best team in the NFC East. That angle probably speaks to the lack of faith he has in the Dallas Cowboys and the other two teams in the division, but he made the argument yesterday on Get Up. The topic was broached once more on Wednesday. Marcus Spears was far, far on the other side of the spectrum on this argument.

I'm not sure I entirely grasp the high school girlfriend analogy at the end there, but it's good television by Spears. In terms of the crop of free agent QBs, Fitzpatrick is indeed the biggest fish in the small pond. Nobody else available, i.e. Andy Dalton or the 2020 version of Cam Newton or Tyrod Taylor, gives the WFT the ceiling they have with Fitzpatrick. Unfortunately for Ron Rivera and Co., Fitzpatrick can also plummet through the floor and into the basement on a week-to-week basis in a dramatic fluctuation that few other QBs in the NFL can match right now.

Should be fun to see what happens!