Marcus Smart Screamed At Teammates During a Timeout


The Memphis Grizzlies are flat-out awful this season. They've started the year 3-13 and are one of the NBA's worst teams. Marcus Smart is one of the newest members of the Grizzlies, having landed in Memphis during the offseason. He's clearly fed up with the situation and he showed it Sunday night.

As the Grizzlies were in the process of getting hammered by the Minnesota Timberwolves 119-97, Smart couldn't stand it anymore. During a timeout, Smart -- who is out with an ankle injury -- got up and started screaming at his teammates. Among other things he yelled, "It's embarrassing, it's embarrassing" over and over.

Here's video:

A still from the interaction:

I mean, he's not wrong.

Smart didn't choose the Grizzlies, he landed in Memphis when the Boston Celtics shipped him there over the summer as part a huge trade. The Celtics landed Kristaps Porzingis as part of a thee-team deal that also included the Washington Wizards. Pretty safe to say Smart wishes he was still in Boston.