Marcus Morris Appeared to Intentionally Step on Luka Doncic's Injured Ankle

Marcus Morris steps on Luka Doncic's injured ankle
Marcus Morris steps on Luka Doncic's injured ankle /

The Los Angeles Clippers blew out the Dallas Mavericks Tuesday night, running up a big 154-111 win in Game 5 of their first-round playoff series. While the Clippers absolutely dominated a huge game, the Internet is buzzing about a small, largely unnoticed moment from the contest.

At one point early in the third quarter after the Clippers made a basket, forward Marcus Morris moved into the paint as Luka Doncic was preparing to receive an inbounds pass. Morris appeared to intentionally step on the 21-year-old's bad ankle.

Did he actually do it on purpose? You be the judge:

Here's another angle:

To me, that looks intentional. On the sideline view, Morris appears to look down, then step directly on the foot everyone knows is injured. Then he appears to fake reach for Doncic to help keep him up. That's some really bad acting, and the play was likely dirty.

If Morris didn't have a history of this kind of thing, I might give him the benefit of the doubt, but he does.

He's been doing this kind of stuff for years, so there's no reason to just assume this move was innocent.