Marcus Mariota Could Be First QB Fined For Helmet Hit After Devastating Block


Marcus Mariota will be a wanted man.

The Tennessee Titans quarterback threw an illegal block during his team’s game against the New York Giants in Week 15. With running back Derrick Henry turning upfield, Mariota dove to block Giants linebacker Alec Ogletree. In the process, Mariota delivered a helmet-to-helmet hit.

Here’s a look at the play.

Mariota may hear from the NFL office — he’ll likely face a fine. In fact, he could have gotten ejected for the play. Mariota seems to create a linear body posture when he drove to make the block. That could fall under the ejection standards. Here are the rules on helmet-to-helmet tackles.

And if he doesn’t draw any discipline, expect defenders to be on their toes and ready to deliver some hits of their own when he is nearby in the future.