Marcin Gortat Wants to See Short Shorts Make An NBA Comeback

By Mike Cardillo

Washington Wizards center Marcin Gortat took part in a video roundtable discussion with Phil Chenier, Elvin Hayes and Nene about the differences between the “old school” NBA and today’s game for the Monumental Network. As the Washington Post details, the Polish international couldn’t stop talking about short shorts.

Asked what he’d take from the old school and apply to today’s game, Gortat made this novel suggestion:

"“I would definitely make one of the nights old-school jersey and shorts. That would be funny, if everybody wore those. That would be great. I think they should come up with one night like that. The second thing, I would bring back the old basket construction, that you could actually break them. That would be great.”"

Let’s agree, for one night, the old-school uniforms would be mildly amusing. It’s doubtful the basketball world is clamoring for a full-time callback to the days of Jeff Hornacek’s thighs garnering All-Star votes.

Remember, the Lakers tried this once during the 2007-08 season and the results were … underwhelming to say the least:

Short shorts making an NBA comeback, like many things, sounds better as an idea than in practice. That said, short shorts making a return would be a much better idea for the league to adopt than its inane idea of pushing jerseys with sleeves, right?

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