March Media Madness 2014: The Writers Bracket

By Ty Duffy

Writing for a living requires a peculiar ego. Not only must one’s thoughts be disseminated to the masses. They must be captured in their purest essence and preserved for posterity. The fourth and final bracket of our March Media Madness tournament concerns those whose delicate fingers still graze the keyboard.

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March Media Madness 2014: The Sports Talk Bracket

Power and ridonkulous money. Simmons leveraged his protracted columns into his own website, a multimedia presence and an active role in TV production. Reilly, looking back at a lifetime’s worth of excellent work, blew off the final fifth of his storied writing career.

Wetzel may be the most talented columnist/reporter still working hard. We’re still not quite sure what Roopstigo is, but Selena Roberts is making waves at Auburn.

Whitlock bailing on Fox Sports just before the network launch to return to the ESPN fold was the sports media plot-twist of 2013. Pearlman has had a notable start to 2014, hammering Erin Andrews and coming out with his new Lakers book.

Two New York Times fixtures moving on up. Nate Silver left election prediction at the Times for the coveted “do whatever you wish” role at ESPN. Judy Battista left being NFL reporter at the Times to join and NFL Network.

One wears speedos in public. One has an extra “G” in his name. Neither pulled any punches in one of the best media Twitter fights of 2013.

Charles the Hammer has been more effective investigating NCAA rules violations than the NCAA. SI’s True Detectives have exposed scandals involving college students using marijuana and having premarital sex. They also provided a forum for intelligent discourse on the Michael Sam story.

Peter King stuck with SI and started his own NFL website. Jay Glazer is probably the most lethal person in the entire tournament.

Sports Twitter’s favorite bickering couple. Oceans cannot keep them apart.