Tracy Morgan is the Boss Button for March Madness Live

Tracy Morgana
Tracy Morgana / Mychal Watts/GettyImages

The day has finally arrived. March Madness is here. For the next three weekends, we will mainline college basketball. Insanity is guaranteed, as are Jon Rothstein tweets.

This presents a dilemma for the 9-5 crew. On one hand, work is important. It puts roofs over heads and food on tables. On the other hand, missing even one game of the NCAA Tournament may mean missing out on a wild buzzer-beater, and we can't have that. Experienced watchers know the solution: March Madness Live and the Boss Button.

The Big Lead has learned that this year, the Boss Button puts you on a conference call with Tracy Morgan. It's the first time a celebrity has been featured. Press the Boss Button while you watch the games and Morgan will show up on your screen in a Zoom-like window. What makes the feature especially enjoyable is that Morgan has no idea what the conference call is about. So he's throwing out buzz words like ROI and leverage, trying to make it sound like everybody is busy at work.

For those unaware, the Boss Button has been around since 2006. Its primary function is to switch your March Madness stream to something that looks important in case you want to watch at your place of work and your boss walks by. Hence, the Boss Button. It has evolved over the years as the times have changed; 15 years ago, it switched your window to an ambiguous spreadsheet. Most recently, the Boss Button led to a PowerPoint presentation.

Nowadays, not nearly as many people have need of the Boss Button because they're working from home. Thus, the Boss Button team decided to have a little more fun with it this year and brought in Morgan.

To access the Boss Button, stream March Madness games via NCAA March Madness Live.