Manny Pacquiao Accused of Mauling Government Official, Buying Votes Following Weekend Incident in Which He May Have Been Attacked

By Stephen Douglas

Alfredo Belgica, the barangay chairman of San Jose, was beaten almost to a pulp by Pacquiao and his bodyguards at 11 p.m. on Saturday. Belgica claimed that Pacquiao and his bodyguards ganged up on him when he confronted them for going house-to-house and distributing cash and goods to families in the barangay. The lawmaker and his group arrived in the barangay in a five-car convoy. Part of the convoy was a truck loaded with rice and various goods Pacquiao and his men gave out to families in the community.

During the melee, Pacquiao and his bodyguards were arrested by police authorities and brought to the General Santos City police command based at Camp Fermin Lira Jr. for investigation. However, Pacquiao’s lawyer, Geng Gacal, arrived at the police station and managed to squirrel him out of the camp before he could issue any statement.

This is the only outlet I could find with references to Pacquiao and his employees attacking Belgica. Pacquiao’s camp has their own version of the incident. From GMA News Online:

Manny Pacquiao has filed a complaint against a barangay chairman in General Santos City for allegedly harassing nine of his employees, according to television and radio reports Sunday.

Pacquiao and his lawyer rushed to the Fatima Police Station in General Santos City at around 1 a.m. Sunday after barangay chairman Alfredo Belgica allegedly threw rocks and fired several gunshots at Pacquiao’s employees, according to Jennifer Solis’ report on radio dzBB.

According to this report, nine members of Pacquaio’s crew were injured and the incident occurred when “employees were on their way to Barangay San Jose to deliver sacks of rice to their headquarters.” What were they doing with all that rice? In 2007, Pacquiao was accused of giving away money and insurance cards to voters.