Manny Machado Blasts Eric Byrnes and Dan Plesac in Instagram Rant


Manny Machado isn’t going to sit by and take it anymore. On Tuesday night, the star third baseman took to Instagram live to light up MLB Network commentators Eric Byrnes and Dan Plesac.

After the San Diego Padres fell to the Miami Marlins, Machado went home and turned on some baseball highlights. He was watching coverage of Jake Marisnick being plunked by the Angels and decided to hop on Instagram to discuss it.

While talking about the incident and how he would have been excoriated for it, Machado took the chance to blow up both Byrnes and Plesac.

Watch it below, but warning there is some NSFW language:

Clearly Machado is not thrilled with the coverage he’s received from either commentator. Byrnes specifically has had it out for Machado for a long time.

Here’s a tweet Byrnes sent in 2014 that Corey Stewart unearthed:

And this is one he deleted:

Yeah, so I get Machado not being a fan of Byrnes. I’m not sure what Plesac said, but a lot of TV analysts have said a lot of things about Machado over the past few years, few of them actually true.

What Machado did to Jesus Aguilar during the playoffs last year was unacceptable. No question. I said at the time he should have been ejected for it. That said, since he’s arrived in San Diego he’s been universally lauded for what he’s done in the clubhouse and the community. He’s been a consummate pro while also being a mentor and leader for the team’s young players.

That incident still colors people’s perception of Machado and it may never change. But I get how it must be frustrating for him to be under such a microscope and get judged negatively now for everything he does has to wear on him.

Plus, I mean, Eric Byrnes is kind of a tool anyway.