Man Climbs Las Vegas Sphere

Law Enforcement Responds To Man Climbing Sphere In Las Vegas
Law Enforcement Responds To Man Climbing Sphere In Las Vegas / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

On Wednesday we woke up to the ridiculous news that a man was attempting to climb the Las Vegas Sphere. Which, you know, seemed like a really bad idea. The gentleman in question did make it to the top, then wandered around as if he was wondering, "Now what?"

Check out some of the footage from this goofball's ascent:

The Las Vegas police confirmed the stunt and eventually took the climber into custody.

So that's a fun Wednesday morning, right? Just wake up and decide to climb a massive spherical structure in Sin City. Why not?

Also, get ready for loads of copycats to try this. The guy is making worldwide news, he won't be the only one to get up there. Frankly, it would have been great if he'd had a plan once he got to the top. Like to parachute off or something. Now that's a stunt.

Super Bowl LVIII week is sure to bring even more craziness. Vegas, baby. Vegas.

UPDATE: The man who climbed the Sphere is pro-life activist Maison DesChamps. He said he did it in an attempt to raise money for a homeless pregnant woman.

This isn't the first time he's pulled a stunt like this so I guess we shouldn't be surprised.