This Is the Worst Thing That Could Happen to Anyone Attending a Baseball Game


For some parents, the apex of human existence is spending an unbelievable amount of time and money so their children can play high-priced travel ball and to spend the games either complaining about who and who isn't getting playing time or berating the officials. It's an extremely strange phenomenon that everyone thinks little Jimmy or Sally is going pro and the result of the third of five games on a random tournament Saturday when they're 14 is going to have a profound impact on their draft positioning. Anyway, that's some filler background here because we don't know the particulars of the below video, which we first saw on TikTok, then Twitter, then Threads with precious little in the way of information.

Things are going great out there. Back in the old blog days, Bob Blitz's or FARK would be out there to give some sort of context to the proceedings but now it's just as many clips as possible without any scene-setting. On the bright side, this is pretty self-explanatory in the Hans Moleman football-in-the-groin vein.

It's a guy chastising an umpire for not knowing how many outs there are, grabbing a backpack to march down a steep column of stairs, and then having every functioning part of his legs stop functioning.

The true irony here is that a single person in attendance could say with any confidence how many outs there were or were supposed to be after this incident. There's no need to take any pot shots at a person who was simply too fired up about some low-level baseball to remain seated and had this particular tragedy play out in public. Probably a lesson here somewhere.