Man Bites Brother's Ear Off at Super Bowl Party After Drinking Bottle of Whiskey

By Mike Cardillo

From the Democrat & Chronicle:

"A Rochester man allegedly bit off part of his brother’s right ear following a Super Bowl party. Sean Fallon-Nebbia, 27, of Lake Avenue was charged with first-degree assault, a felony, after he and his brother fought at the tail end of a Super Bowl party in Fallon-Nebbia’s apartment, just before midnight on Sunday, according to City Court documents. He is also accused of punching his brother Frank Fallon-Nebbia in the face several times, rendering him unconscious when emergency responders arrived."

Their parents must be thrilled this morning. One can only wonder what escalated the fight. Safe guess: one brother took a shot at Peyton Manning’s “legacy” and it jumped off from there.

Somehow stories like this make the dopes who set couches on fire after their team wins seem rational by comparison. [via @Michael_Necci]

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