Malika Andrews on Kyrie Irving: "You Do Not Have the Privilege of Just Looking at Yourself"

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers
Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

Malika Andrews and Kendrick Perkins discussed the Kyrie Irving situation on NBA Countdown ahead of Sunday's Los Angeles Lakers-Brooklyn Nets game on ESPN. Andrews said that she had talked to Kevin Durant, who echoed the popular line that Irving was making "an individual decision." Here are Andrews' succinct and direct thoughts on that.

"I understand in some ways taking that approach or maybe that's just what you say facing forward, but that is the antithesis of what a pandemic is. You do not have the privilege of just looking at yourself. You have to look at the people next to you because that's how we got to this being the most deadly pandemic that has killed over 700,000 people in the United States. That's not all on Kyrie, but it's on all of us to do our small part and his small part is in that locker room."

Earlier today Steve Nash told the media that the Nets recognize they would be without Irving during home games this season.

Irving showed a sincere willingness to walk away from his team last season, so it's no surprise that he's ready and wiling to do it again. The fact that he's going to use an ill-informed point of view to do it is also less than shocking.