Footage Of Malibu Canyon Flooding Is Incredible

Southern California Hit By Second Atmospheric River
Southern California Hit By Second Atmospheric River / Mario Tama/GettyImages

An atmospheric river is currently crushing Southern California, causing tons of rain and flooding across the region. The Los Angeles area has been hit particularly hard. Reed Timmer, an "extreme meteorologist," took to Twitter and posted drone footage of Malibu Canyon and the flooding in the area. It is absolutely incredible. Others have since added their footage.

Check this out:

That's staggering.

Here's more footage:

Again, just staggering what a few hours of heavy rain have done to the area.

Here's some footage from the Malibu Canyon area:

Absolutely crazy.

As a native of Southern California seeing this footage is wild. We have the mildest weather in the world and fires are our main concern, not floods. The infrastructure in many of the impacted isn't equipped to handle this level of water, since this never happens.

This pattern of rain and wind should last the rest of the week before clearing on Saturday and we should get a break after that. Here's hoping everyone stays safe until then.