Magic Johnson Reportedly Wanted to Fire Rob Pelinka, Jeanie Buss Said No

Bobby Burack

According to Stephen A. Smith, Magic Johnson was told no by Jeanie Buss after wanting to have general manager Rob Pelinka fired. Smith added both Buss and Pelinka denied this but it is something Adrian Wojnarowski and Ramona Shelburne have heard in the last 12 hours, as well.

This once again shows how dysfunctional and divided the Lakers’ management has been. If Laker fans think that just because they will be getting a new coach and president of basketball operations that better days are ahead, next season is going to be a hard one for them to process. The Lakers are a dumpster fire and there are now serious questions whether or not Jeanie Buss is the real problem. No decision she has made so far can be classified as anything better than a mistake. No, signing LeBron James doesn’t count.

This summer the Lakers will be looking for another superstar, and it has to be asked: Is there a worse destination right now? Feels like the answer is no.