Chris Russo's Monday Night Football Rant Is Even Funnier Now

Noam Galai/Getty Images

ESPN's much-discussed reshuffling of the Monday Night Football booth has reportedly finally come to reality. The trio of Steve Levy, Brian Griese, and Louis Riddick will finish up the football weekend and perform for you and all your rowdy friends.

The media nerds interested in this type of thing seem to be in agreement that these choices will stabilize what's been a tumultuous spot for ESPN over the past few years. Mad Dog Chris Russo, however, will likely need some convincing. Unless his mood has changed from February, when he delivered an impassioned rant about the dearth of in-house play-by-play voices at the Worldwide Leader who could be paired with Tony Romo. Back when ESPN was courting him. Somehow this was not 14 years ago.

Now, obviously, Levy isn't playing the Jim Nantz to Romo, who chose to re-up with CBS. So it's a different situation. Still, the longtime Bristol vet has been really good on college broadcasts in recent years. One wonders how often Russo was locked into BYU-Arizona or Boston College-Syracuse to really know this.

More importantly ... Breeny? As in Mike Breen? It sounds as though Russo is getting the NBA bang enthusiast mixed up with Mike Greenberg, who leans into the Greeny moniker. Have people been calling Mike Breen Breeny all these years? I guess it doesn't matter because that's what we're all calling him going forward, right?