Mad Dog Russo Really Struggles to Pronounce Chris Olave's Last Name

Chris Olave
Chris Olave / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

You know those one or two words that you just cannot ever pronounce correctly, no matter how many times you try? Chris "Mad Dog" Russo has that problem but with Chris Olave, the New Orleans Saints wideout in his sophomore season. Russo hasn't been able to get a handle on how, exactly, Olave's name is pronounced dating back to the 2022 NFL Draft when the Ohio State product was selected.

Russo seems to be stuck on Olave being pronounced "Olive" as evidenced by this clip from Monday.

Someone apparently got in his ear and told him that was wrong because one day later he tried again. The effort was there, to be sure. But he just couldn't do it and resigned himself to calling Olave "the Ohio State" kid.

Valiant but ultimately a failure. This is the most relatable Russo content I've ever heard, to be honest. We all have the words we get stuck on and this guy has to deal with that problem with a rather large audience of listeners. You ever been at a party and you're telling a story and you hit that one word that you pronounce wrong and everyone looks at you funny as the story loses steam completely? That's what Russo feels every time he has to talk about Chris Olave. It's humanizing.

Maybe Russo will get it before the end of the season.