The Mac Jones Hype Train Is Out of Control

New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles
New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Mac Jones is apparently on fire, or at least the engine that is driving his hype train is close to overheating. The New England Patriots' rookie quarterback is getting all kinds of press for his play in training camp over the last few days -- which just so happen to be days Cam Newton has to sit out due to a COVID-19 testing protocol mishap.

Early on Wednesday it was clear we'd be getting a ton of Jones content. The Patriots were facing the Giants in a joint practice and he was apparently lighting New York up.

The hype just kept on coming:

ESPN's Mike Reiss is also all-in on the Mac Jones show:

Interesting how the Patriots get ticked off with incumbent starter Cam Newton for not following protocols and immediately the media is all about the new guy. That's not to say Jones hasn't been impressive in practice, clearly he has been. But he's still a rookie and reporters are now discussing him like an MVP candidate. Let's slow down people.

Given how upset the Patriots are with Newton right now, there's a decent chance Jones takes over as the starter early in the season. But he'll still be a rookie quarterback in the NFL, which is a monumentally difficult job. We should give him some time before we fashion him a crown.