Luka Doncic Is Already A Star

Ryan Phillips

It’s only taken 21 games for Luka Doncic to go from intriguing European prospect to a must-watch NBA player. The Dallas Mavericks rookie has taken the league by storm and is already playing phenomenally. Most importantly, the kid is just flat-out fun to watch, which means he’s poised to be a star.

Doncic is currently leading all rookies in points (18.6), is second in assists (4.2) and is fourth in rebounds (6.6) per game. He’s also easily leading this rookie class in swag:

How about this move and corner 3 against the Rockets?


He can even hit them from deeper:

Oh, and just a reminder: Doncic is 19 and won’t turn 20 until February.

Doncic has been on the floor for 21 games and has topped 20 points in 11 of them and he’s hit three or more 3-pointers in nine of them.

Oh, and he’s not just a long-range shooter. Check out this move that got him a pretty little floater in the lane:

While he’s already a good scorer and shooter, Doncic is also phenomenal on the ball. He is always looking to get teammates involved and finds creative ways to do it. Watch this play from October 22 against the Chicago Bulls:

How many guys in the NBA could pull that off?

Do you like full-court outlet passes? Me too. Watch:

Think I’m just being crazy and over-hyping this kid? Well, enjoy the following tweet:

Back in May, I said Doncic was the best player in the 2018 NBA Draft class and that it wasn’t close. I tried to tell you guys!

It’s time for everyone to jump on the Doncic train. Go out of your way to check his game out. You’ll be happy you did because man, this kid is fun.