Fan Making a Cardio Comment Was Last Straw for Luka Dončic

Sam Hodde/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks have one of the best basketball players on the planet in Luka Dončic yet they have failed to play consistently well enough to be anywhere near the top of the Western Conference standings this season. They dropped another key game at home last night to the Phoenix Suns. Devin Booker came in and outplayed Doncic while dropping 46 points and making a loud statement. Even louder statements were made by a Suns fan in a Booker jersey who gave the Mavs star the business all night long and was eventually ejected.

We'll start with Dončic explaining what happened because the initial reports may have made it sound like a far softer ejection that it actually was in reality. It's also a bit confusing because he claimed he'd never eject a fan after he had a fan ejected. Plus the media who initially reported on the incident were sitting right there and seemed to be a bit confused at the sequence of events and why nothing was done about all the first-half cursing until the second half.

Donćic clearly took issue with media tweeting out the final straw: the fan encouraging him to do a little mo' cardio like Jim Halpert's dudebro brothers giving a bad wedding toast. Which a person can understand because what a lame situation that would be.

There's so much to love about Luka. There's also a little bit more of him to love. And that's okay in 2024! We've evolved like that. Ever take a look at Nikola Jokic? He's still pretty good at basketball too.