Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales Is A Crazy Person

Desayunos Deportivos Europa Press - Luis Rubiales
Desayunos Deportivos Europa Press - Luis Rubiales / AFP7/GettyImages

The president of the Spanish football federation refuses to resign after his absolutely ridiculous behavior during and after the 2023 Women's World Cup final. Luis Rubiales issued a speech in which he attempted to justify his behavior and lashed out at his critics. He could have apologized and gone away quietly, instead the 46-year-old is making a fool of himself.

On the medal stand after Spain won the Women's World Cup, Rubiales grabbed forward Jenni Hermoso by the back of her head and kissed her on the mouth. He apologized, but has since claimed the kiss was consensual. Hermoso has since said she didn't consent to the kiss.

During the match, Rubiales could also be seen grabbing his crotch during the World Cup final. He did so as he sat near Spain's Queen Letizia and her 16-year-old daughter.

All 23 players from Spain's World Cup-winning team have said they will not play for their country as long as Rubiales remains in charge. And they're right, the man is a nutcase.

Rubiales could have apologized and quietly walked away with a statement promising to be better and saying he was sorry his actions distracted from the team's incredible achievement. Instead, on Friday, he said this:

"Do you think this (incident) is so serious that I should go, after the best management in the history of Spanish football? Let me tell you: I'm not going to resign. I'm not going to resign. I'm not going to resign.

"I've come under a lot of pressure. Perhaps somebody will look to remove me on Monday. But we live in a country of laws. Is a consensual kiss enough to remove me? I'm going to fight until the end. I hope the law is followed, and that as there's no reason to (remove me), it won't happen."

Former Spanish international players ripped Rubiales' speech. With David De Gea claiming his hears were bleeding:

And Iker Casillas saying it was an embarrassment:

So yeah, Rubiales is crazy. He'll get drummed out eventually as the Spainish federation doesn't want this kind of publicity surrounding what was supposed to be a major triumph.